13 Fastest-Growing Company in LA

Payscout, a Sherman Oaks, CA-based payments innovation company, has been honored as the #13 Fastest-Growing Company in LA by the Los Angeles Business Journal.  This is Payscout’s third-consecutive year on the list.  Payscout has been among the fastest-growing, privately held companies in Los Angeles for three consecutive years.  The Los Angeles Business Journal’s annual fastest-growing list featured Payscout at #13 in LA for 2017.  This is a remarkable achievement, not only because of the challenges associated with maintaining triple-digit percentage growth year-over-year, but also because of the setting in which it was accomplished.  Los Angeles is among the most desirable and fastest-growing parts of the world for tech-based companies.  Silicon Beach, the Westside region of LA that stretches from LAX to the Santa Monica Mountains, is home to over 500 tech startup companies.  As a payments innovation company, Payscout’s exponential growth can be attributed to five layers of innovation:

Culture: Payscout’s Award-Winning Culture has been ranked #17 among Medium-Sized Businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine, and #1 among Financial Services companies.

Global/Alternative Payments: The Payscout “Go Global Now” technology platform provides one integration point for merchants to access 100+ countries, billions of consumers, and trillions of dollars.

VR/XR/New Acceptance: Payscout is the first company in the world to execute live payment transactions tied to the fulfillment of physical goods in virtual realitySecurity: Our best-in-class fraud solution, Gumshoe, is a flexible fraud and risk middleware solution that delivers comprehensive KYC and risk mitigation in a stand-alone monitoring and management tool.

Regulation: Payscout actively engages with regulatory stakeholders to drive innovative Regulatory Technology (RegTech) solutions reflected in policies, processes, and systems.

Topics: Global eCommerce, Credit and Debit Card Processing, Growth

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