Adding a Payment Gateway to Your Website

A payment gateway is an important component in any business payment processing model. It is used to ensure that every transaction between the merchant and a consumer undergoes proper processing and it is also how one determines whether to accept or decline a transaction.With a payment gateway, you can feel assured your business is safe and well protected while also ensuring electronic payments are made quickly and smoothly. If you are looking to install a payment gateway on your website, check out our three tips to help get you get started.

  1. Consider the needs of your business: You should determine your overall sales and the amount of money that you process from debit and credit card sales and determine if it is worth installing a payment gateway.
  2. Compare gateway providers: You should always look for a better company that will provide you with the best payment gateway for your business. Try to find a provider that is transparent about the fees they charge you and one that is also willing to be flexible about finding the payment plan that fits your business needs best.
  3. Be aware of the fee structure: There are important things you’ll need to know when choosing a payment gateway provider, such as fees, monthly charges and contract termination penalties. Some providers try to hide their fees from their customers, so make sure you request a fee structure to ensure you clearly understand what you are paying for!

Payment gateways are a huge part of doing business online, so it is important that you choose a gateway provider that fits your unique business needs. At Payscout, we pride ourselves in being able to work with our clients to provide the best services possible. Check out our website for more information on how to set-up a payment gateway, or contact one of our customer service specialists at 888-689-6088 to learn how we can help you with establishing a payment gateway account.

Let’s get your payment processing on the right track.

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