Choosing the Right Payment Gateway for Your Ecommerce Business

Paywire Gateway Features

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, where transactions happen in a click and security is paramount, selecting the right payment gateway is key to laying a sturdy foundation for your online business. From seamless transactions to robust security features, the gateway you choose can significantly impact your customers’ experience and your bottom line. 

Payscout’s Paywire Gateway offers a comprehensive suite of features, ensuring peace of mind for both merchants and consumers alike. Elevate your payment transactions to optimize cost efficiency by simplifying processes and seamlessly capturing detailed transaction data that aligns with industry standards. 

Our gateway offers advanced functionalities such as Account Updater Service, Bin Table Lookup/Filtering, and  L2/L3 Interchange Optimization, empowering merchants to optimize transaction costs, enhance card acceptance rates, and maintain up-to-date customer payment information seamlessly.

Account Updater Service: 

  • Using Account Updater can reduce the number of declined authorization requests and lost sale opportunities for credential-on-file payments.
  • Reduces operating expenses by minimizing multiple authorization attempts, thereby decreasing the number of calls to the customer service unit.
  • Promotes cardholder and merchant loyalty by performing a service on behalf of the cardholder.
  • Increases merchant and cardholder perceived level of customer service.

Bin Table Lookup/Filtering:

  • Ability to allow Debit-Only Transactions
  • Drastically reduce Interchange costs
  • Powerful when used with merchant fee reduction strategies

L2/L3 Interchange Optimization:

  • Integrated logic for seamlessly adding L2/L3 data based on the merchant configuration
  • No interaction required by merchant on a transaction by transaction basis
  • We do the heavy lifting for quick, efficient transactions and easy conversions

Multiple Payment Methods

Robust Reporting for all transaction sources

Conversion Optimization

Real-time Risk Logic & Intelligence

Flexible & Customizable

PCI Scope Reduction (Reduced complexity and cost)

Multiple third party Integrations 

All-around 360° Compliance

To get started, please contact us today at For more information on Payscout’s Paywire Gateway, please visit   

Let’s get your payment processing on the right track.

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