We'll design an efficient, secure, integrated, and reliable payments solution that fully meets your needs.

A Reliable Solution

Payscout is a world-leader in secure, flexible, and highly customized ecommerce solutions. Our proprietary Paywire platform was built for configurable options from elegant, white-labeled hosted payment pages to secure off-site buy pages that reduce the scope of your PCI compliance; From shopping cart integrations to full-blown customer portals with login, account balance access, intelligent negotiation, and the ability to set up recurring payment plans, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Enterprise Features

Secure Payment Processing Solutions

Payscout’s PCI-compliant security solutions feature Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), tokenization, fraud filters, hosted payment pages, and more. Our secure payment systems are never exported to third-party security companies, so our in-house solution keeps your buyers’ sensitive payment data in the right hands. We work with your business to implement the highest level of security for your payment processing needs.

Levels 2 and 3 Processing

Business and Corporate payment processing differs from consumer credit card processing. Level 2 and Level 3 processing requires B2B merchants to include additional information on each transaction processed. In addition, Level 3 processing requires detailed line item data with each transaction, which is reported to business cardholders. In exchange for this additional information and a larger size of the transaction, credit card companies often offer lower interchange fees. Acceptance of Level 2 and/or Level 3 payments allows you to expand your customer base, reduce your fees, and increase your profits. 

Integration with Your Software

Often, enterprise businesses require integration solutions which allow them to easily and seamlessly link payment processing data into accounting, ERP, or CRM software. These solutions save you time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry and simplifying reconciliation. Payscout offers a variety of APIs and payment plug-ins to fit popular business management systems. If we don’t have an enterprise plug-in readily available, we will collaborate with your business and your software providers to develop and implement the right integration solution which specifically meets your needs.

Optimized Connectivity and Security via Thin Client

Our Thin Client capabilities allow remote access to resources from a central server-based environment rather than a local hard drive, increasing efficiency and security. Other benefits include:

  • Payment processing black box technology from Citrix
  • Fully supports complex peripherals including EMV devices through Citrix secure communication channel
  • Ability to support complex enterprise server farms
  • Full Epic integration
  • Device auditing via the Paywire Receiver
  • Support for Point-to-Point Encryption

Global Services Programs

You can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce the overall cost of payment acceptance, with Payscout’s business outsourcing services. These services offer exception management and transaction optimization with dynamic routing designed to decrease operational expenses and increase revenue for your enterprise level business.

Ongoing Support

Every company has a vision of how it stands apart from the competition, and at Payscout, our people are our competitive advantage. We offer strategic management of account relationships, with customized service level offerings based on your company’s needs. With a dedicated client relations team, we provide transaction management and reporting, advanced fraud monitoring, chargeback management, and interchange management.

Learn More About Our Enterprise Solutions

    Additional Industries


    As an active member of ACA International, and with over 20 years of experience serving the collections industry, we know the operational and compliance needs of your agency.


    We are a world-leader in secure, flexible, and highly customized ecommerce solutions and our proprietary Paywire platform can be configured to meet your needs.


    We offer complete end-to-end integrated payment solutions designed specifically for the needs of educational institutions, from local school districts to large universities.


    With years of industry experience in the healthcare collections space, we provide frictionless payment options to increase revenue and improve efficiency.


    Our proprietary Paywire platform was built to process all types of donations through one connection point, whether your donors are online, on-site, or mobile.