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As a trusted international merchant services provider, Payscout is able to help your business obtain merchant accounts which allow you to process transactions worldwide – in Europe, China, Latin America, Australia, the Caribbean, U.S. Territories, and North America. Whether you run a low or managed risk business model, payment processing for all major credit cards in over 160+ currencies is available to you through Payscout’s PCI compliant payment gateway. Payscout is also able to add valuable features such as virtual terminal access, risk and fraud mitigation, shopping carts, and more, all backed by our superior global customer support team.

If you aren’t selling your products in foreign markets, you could be missing out on the biggest consumer buying trend the world has seen since the advent of eCommerce. Online shopping is now considered a norm in the culture of many countries, with several foreign markets now leading the packyear-over-year in eCommerce sales. As the rising usage of smartphones and tablets for purchasing continues to add fuel to this fire, Payscout is counseling its merchants to jump on the global bandwagon and take advantage of these emerging interests.

The practice of online selling has come a long way from where it began – as a simple, online ordering page for local pizza delivery. Today, anyone can order a gourmet pizza from New York, and request it be delivered anywhere in the world! Of course, pizza is only one of the many millions of products available for purchase online today, and the eCommerce ecosystem is still gaining strength. Online sales have been tagged by research experts and economists alike as today’s driving force behind retail growth, and consumers continue to favor eCommerce more every year as a preferred method for doing business.

Online sales worldwide are predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years, with global eCommerce revenues expected to reach more than$7.0 trillion by 2025. Moreover, countries which once were closed to online business, or operating under stern eCommerce restrictions, are now beginning to embrace online commerce. Even countries once thought to be nearly impenetrable have now stepped into a leading role as global eCommerce frontrunners. Countries such as Brazil and China, which have traditionally been difficult regions for establishing turnkey online sales programs, are now being named rapidly emerging global markets for eCommerce economic experts. This is opening doors to many enterprising U.S. merchants who have been considering when and how to take their business model global.

With its multi-country presence, and a firm commitment to “supporting the entrepreneurial dream one transaction at a time,” Payscout is well positioned to help companies learn the lay of the land and successfully launch into emerging foreign markets. Offering merchants the benefits of a unique cultural empathy and an established footprint in many of these expanding markets, Payscout’s deep cultural awareness and insights have enabled many merchants to set up and run turnkey eCommerce operations in global economies. With years of experience resolving both real and perceived barriers to entry in foreign eCommerce markets, Payscout will expertly guide merchants through the process and to the resources for easily navigating regulatory, exchange, language, risk, and compliance matters. With Payscout as your eCommerce partner, you can be up and running in a foreign market and selling to consumers quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

If you are ready to explore whether your company is suited to sell on the global eCommerce frontier, Payscout has representatives standing by to help you research and determine best practices for launching your branded presence in these expanding markets.

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