ISOs and Agents

Partner With a World Class Merchant Solutions Provider.

We'll equip you for success

ISO’s and Agents Benefits:

As a Payscout ISO or Registered Agent, you will be backed by the credibility of a financially stable merchant solutions provider, which will equip you for success with an unparalleled suite of merchant solutions, resources, and customer service.

ISOs and Agents Trust:

Payscout is a leading provider of point of sale (POS), mobile, and online merchant services for every transaction type. Our sole mission is to maximize every client’s revenues and performance by empowering them with safer and smarter transactions.

Payscout ISOs & Agent Partnership Features

Competitive revenue sharing compensation models, including managed risk, no-risk and full-service processing

Multiple front-end processing options

A comprehensive array of merchant transaction processing solutions for every business industry

Specialization in debt collection, online nutra/pharmaceuticals, tech support, bizop, and more

Robust online reporting tools give you full control of your business data

A world-class reputation in payment capabilities

Partnership Program Benefits and Opportunities

A generous multi-option compensation structure, including bonus incentives and discretionary residual and retirement buyout arrangements, gives you the opportunity to generate more revenue

Increased customer satisfaction with a Customer Service Department which supports merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days every year

An expanded ability to serve nearly every industry and process transactions for small- to medium-sized merchants

A greater breadth of products and services to offer customers

Marketing tools, resources and support to help you grow your business

Access timely resources for day-to-day management online and a strong regional support system

Let’s get your payment processing on the right track.