It’s Never Too Late to Automate

Mar 18, 2022

Increase Your Collections and Improve Your Communication. You Customers Will Thank You!

Take a look around. It seems that nearly every facet of our lives has become “automated” in one form or another. There is a simple reason for this — people are busy! Consumers today demand the flexibility and convenience to conduct business on their terms, and their schedules. In order for Collection and Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) companies to survive, and prosper, in today’s busy world, they too need to become automated — NOW.

What are the benefits of an Automated Payments System?

  • Accept payments 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • Offer multiple payment options: credit, debit, or check (ACH)
  • Access to an online portal which allows debtors to negotiate terms and set up payment plans
  • Improve customer communication with auto-generated reminders, text messaging, and IVR
  • Provide faster, more secure transactions for your customers
  • Increase payment volume, which leads to increased revenue
  • Reduce the workload on staff, improving productivity and office efficiency

The Proof is in the Numbers!

  • Increase Self-Service Payments by 60% or more
  • Increase the Amount of FTE saved by 50% or more
  • Increase Total Payment Volume by 35% or more
  • Increase the Number of IVR Transactions by 15% or more

Are You Ready to Explore the Benefits of Automation?

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Let’s get your payment processing on the right track.

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