Payscout helps nonprofits turn their supporters into donors for life.

Donor Focused

Payscout helps nonprofits turn their supporters into donors for life. Our proprietary Paywire platform was built to process all types of donations through one connection point, whether your donors are online, on-site, or mobile.

Our online donor portals feature white-label branding, secure login access for your patrons, “account” balance details, the ability to set up recurring donations with securely stored payment and/or ACH information, plus modern digital communications solutions including email, text, chat, and more for reminders, campaign announcements, and much, much more.

Our PCI compliant, web-based donation forms make it easy and secure for people to contribute to a good cause and the recurring donation options we offer will also help you maintain lifetime donors.

Additional benefits include:

Real-time transaction processing via any device connected to the Internet

The ability to process credit, debit, ACH, RCC, and global payment methods

Tokenization for automatic and manual recurring payments

Card Account Updater to increase conversions on recurring payments

Integrated digital communications for payment reminders and custom campaign content via email, text, chat, and more

Fully integrated EMV options for multi-channel expansion

A multi-merchant/multi-user platform

Batch processing

Advanced report search capabilities

Integration capabilities via web or batched services

Customizable reporting

Advanced merchant grouping capabilities with single sign-on

Fee-Free Processing

And so much more!