Payscout Partners with Rede Celer to Expand Payment Solutions in Brazil

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2020—Payscout, a global payment technology company, has signed a commercial and technological agreement with Rede Celer, a Brazil-based fintech that supports small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the fintech and sub-acquirers segments to enter the payment methods market, with the objective of expanding business in the financial transaction market in Brazil and in countries on six continents.

The partnership and technological integration will allow Rede Celer to distribute all Payscout products in Brazil and Latin America. Likewise, Payscout will market all Rede Celer´s products on the international market. The partnership is strategic for both to expand market share in Brazil and globally.

The strategic alliance will focus on three areas of opportunity: The first is to help payment companies and merchants in Brazil to access the most innovative payments platform in the world – without having to leave the country. It will also enable national Brazilian companies to expand their businesses to countries on all continents and, conversely, help international merchants securely access Brazilian consumers.

Payscout has international agreements with the world’s largest card brands, including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay International. In the case of UnionPay, Payscout is a Principal Member and Global Acquirer. Access to these payment rails will be shared by both companies, allowing, for example, a Brazilian retailer who is a Rede Celer customer to accept UnionPay cards in its e-commerce channels from consumers located anywhere in the world.

“We are companies with very aligned views and, moreover, many complementary skills, ” said Linconl Rocha, CEO of Rede Celer. “We will consolidate ourselves in the virtual world alongside the greatest specialists on the planet and, at the same time, help the Brazilian market to access international consumers. In return, we will enable international players to enter the Brazilian market. It is another big step towards accelerating all our partners. After all, we are a fintech for fintechs.”

“Together we will continue to grow in the financial transactions market, both in online and offline sales channels, and reinforcing our leadership in our respective markets – Rede Celer with a focus on the offline domestic market and Payscout with a focus on the online domestic and international markets,” said Payscout President and Co-Founder Manpreet Singh. “Brazil is a very important emerging market for merchants around the world, and we will be the gateway for those who wish to sell to Brazilian consumers.”

According to Singh, the Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on merchants around the world, forcing entrepreneurs to review their business models and to respond quickly to changing preferences for means of payment.

“We are watching a race for electronic channels and a greater demand for solutions that enable face-to-face payments safely. At the same time, traders are looking to new international markets to sustain their sales with the drop in consumption in the domestic market. It is a favorable scenario for the development of new payment technologies and the offer of platforms that allow international transactions,” said Singh.

“In our alliance with Payscout, we will continue to design innovative payment solutions that can meet the needs of the post-pandemic world,” concludes Rocha.

About Rede Celer

Celer is a fintech company that supports small and medium entrepreneurs in the fintech and sub-acquirers segments to enter the payment methods market. The company aims to accelerate payment projects, saving investment and, especially, the time of a startup.

The company built its own terminal and receivables management platform, the Turnkey Payment Platform (TKPP), which provides access to the PCI Platform, gateway, terminal applications (card machines), mobile transaction application and 24 × 7 monitoring. In addition, offers a logistics solution for the machines and chip.