Payscout to Complete APS (Powered by Payscout) Brand Rollup, Adopting One Award-Winning Brand

Mar 30, 2017

Global payment processing provider Payscout, Inc. is taking steps to fully integrate the former APS (Powered by Payscout) brand under the parent Payscout moniker. The brand consolidation means Payscout, Inc., will deliver top-tier services for all merchant services verticals under a single brand.

APS and Payscout were referral and processing partners for several years before Payscout took steps to acquire APS in October of 2015. The two companies combined resources to provide payment solutions that encompass all merchant risk verticals and to specifically serve the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry more effectively.

The successful acquisition of APS was one sign that Payscout was well on its way to achieving a rare cultural synergy. This success was recently validated when Payscout ranked #17 on Entrepreneur’s 2017 Top Company Cultures list among medium-sized companies.

“Our goal is to be the best place to work in the world,” said Payscout CEO Cleveland Brown. “When we acquired APS, we knew combining our talents would benefit our clients and partners immediately, but we wanted to ensure the company cultures assimilated as seamlessly as possible. This prestigious award and our final brand consolidation step demonstrates the acquisition has come full circle and was carried out successfully.”

Since acquiring APS, Payscout has seen rapid growth in the ARM industry, deemed one of its core markets. The success in this vertical is due, in part, to leveraging relationships with key partners, including Merchant e-Solutions.

“Payscout and APS have well-deserved, strong reputations in the ARM merchant vertical,” said Merchant e-Solutions CEO Tom Bell. “We are excited to continue developing our relationship with Payscout as they consolidate all of their efforts under one great brand.”

With a primary mission of “supporting the entrepreneurial dream one transaction at a time”, and recognition as one of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in America for three consecutive years, Payscout expects to continue expanding through both organic growth tactics and portfolio acquisition.