Payscout to Host Money20/20 Session on VR

On Tuesday, October 24, Payscout CEO Cleveland Brown will host a panel discussion at Money20/20 in Las Vegas on Virtual Reality, Frictionless Payments & Monetization of Immersive Content.Payscout is the first company in the world to integrate frictionless payments tied to the fulfillment of physical goods in virtual reality. CEO Cleveland Brown unveiled VR Commerce at Money20/20 Europe in June. Now, Brown will be back on the Money20/20 stage for the 2017 U.S. event to host a panel discussion on Virtual Reality, Frictionless Payments, and the Monetization of Immersive Content.Brown will be joined by Visa SVP Internet of Things (IoT) Avin Arumugam; Superdata VP Research & Strategy, Head of XR, Stephanie Llamas; Westfield VP Design & Architecture Trevor Pollard; and The Virtual Reality Company CEO & Co-Founder Guy Primus.The integration of frictionless payments in virtual reality is poised to revolutionize the consumer experience. In this interactive session, industry leaders from content creation, payments, retail and innovation share insights into the cutting-edge developments that are enabling frictionless consumer payments in VR.If you’re attending Money20/20 US, do not miss this panel! It will be held in the Forum (Level 2) on Tuesday, October 24 from 3:10-4:00pm. We will see you there!

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