Payscout's Proprietary Payment Platform

Enhance your company's payment processing system with the Paywire advantage!

Paywire is Payscout’s proprietary technology platform that was built to handle simple and complex payment needs, with easy integration for both software and web applications.

Paywire is a turnkey and flexible solution with multiple interfaces that
can accommodate a multitude of payment processing, monitoring, and reporting needs.

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> Credit Card Processing

Today, consumers use credit cards for 25% of their spending and for larger sale amounts than checks. Accepting credit cards is vital for business that want to:

  • Increase revenue by increasing the average total sale
  • Simplify payment processing and speed up transaction time
  • Decrease time and costs associated with cash and check payments
  • Reduce accounts receivable and collection expenses

> ACH Processing

Paywire’s EFT processing service enables your client to instruct their bank to make payments directly to your business account with no credit card involved. The money is moved electronically through the Federal Reserve ACH network. The fees for this service can be substantially less than credit card processing and give your customers another convenient method of payment. EFT can increase your bottom line by:

  • Significantly reducing accounts receivable processing costs
  • Eliminating invoicing costs, postage, billing inquires and late payments
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increasing client retention
  • Reducing late payments

The biggest problem with implementing ACH is that there are thousands of different banks with many different systems – which can be very user unfriendly. Paywire takes the pain out of this process by providing one easy interface and the support necessary to make the EFT process as painless as possible.

> Electronic Gift Cards

A recent survey reported that 45% of consumers already use electronic gift cards and the number is growing. They also spent more than the value of the card 61% of the time. The Paywire durable gift cards invite guaranteed return visits and increase your total sales.

  • Eliminate cash returns for partially spent gift certificates
  • Increase customer traffic and loyalty with reloadable cards
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage by activating cards at the point of purchase
  • Choose turn-key branded or fully customizable gift cards

> Check Conversion

Paywire offers electronic check processing to protect your profits when you accept a check. Verify account information at the point of sale and minimize your exposure to potential losses. What’s more, when you process consumer checks electronically, you eliminate the 12 times, on average, that paper checks are touched.

  • Increase profits and reduce risk today
  • Speed access to funds
  • Seamless process at the point of sale

> Internet Gateway Services

Paywire utilizes and interfaces with several Internet payment gateway services. In conjunction with our proprietary software and implementation strategies, we have created vertical market point of sale and ecommerce applications using many different gateways. Sometimes one gateway does not meet a merchant’s needs, and it can be both confusing and frustrating trying to determine which one best fulfills specific needs. In particular Paywire can help you find the optimal solutions and integrate with gateways having the following features:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • E-Checks
  • Card On File
  • Card Tokenization
  • Batch Processing
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Custom Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Link to SAP Systems
  • Custom Reporting

> Payment Systems Development

Paywire has extensive experience developing custom payment systems. The company was founded by software developers and is well suited to help with payment systems development among the projects.

  • Sports Information System
  • Wholesale Equipment Distribution System
  • School District Payment Integration
  • National Online Mall Web Site
  • Parts Distribution System
  • Payment Integration for National POS Developer
  • Payment Integration with Airport Fueling
  • Signature Capture System Interface

> Joint Ventures

Paywire can be your solutions provider, partner, joint-venturer, or referral partner. We have the resources and the ability to add value and bring your opportunity to fruition. We are experts at taking a vertical market opportunity and creating residual income and value added components. For example, if you are an ISO and desire to change your business from a commodity-based, price-oriented business to one that has distinct and proprietary offerings, we can help.