Payscout's Proprietary Payment Platform

Enhance your company's payment processing system with the Paywire advantage!

Paywire is Payscout’s proprietary technology platform that was built to handle simple and complex payment needs, with easy integration for both software and web applications.

Paywire is a turnkey and flexible solution with multiple interfaces that
can accommodate a multitude of payment processing, monitoring, and reporting needs.

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> PA-DSS Compliance

The PA-DSS compliance deadline was July 1, 2010, as imposed by VISA. If a merchant is not using PA-DSS compliant systems by this date, then they are not technically compliant with PCI standards.

PA-DSS compliance can be cost prohibitive for many software developers – certification costs can easily exceed $20,000 per each new software version. Paywire eliminates these costs by allowing developers to write systems that interface with our software in a way that does not touch card data.

> Tokenization

The risks associated with storing credit card data are unacceptable for most merchants. However, there are many instances where cards have to be stored and processed at later intervals, which often makes card data storage unavoidable for many. Many merchants could not stay in business if they didn’t have the ability to bill customers on a recurring basis, because mailing and collecting bills is cost prohibitive.

Credit card tokenization is the solution to these issues. Instead of storing the actual card data, the merchant can store a unique identifier. The card data is stored off site and is accessed using the unique identifier. Examples of merchants who would benefit from card tokenization:

  • Merchants who bill for subscriptions or memberships on a monthly recurring basis
  • Merchants who need to store credit cards for clients who are using their services on a regular basis
  • Lodging merchants who need to pre-authorize and store cards for processing when the customer’s stay is complete

> PayCharge™

PayCharge™ software is a PA-DSS certified Windows application for processing credit cards, gift cards, EBT, online debit cards, and ACH. There is also a software developer.s interface to the software that allows applications to interface without touching card data.

PayCharge™ works with either flat file or an MS SQL database. The user interface is designed to easily pop up over an existing application via always-on-top coding. The program is customizable to use, as to capturing custom data and has file import and export features for interfacing with external programs.

> E-Commerce Hosting

Paywire’s DB|Wired division offers web hosting services including E-Commerce hosting and support. With a Paywire merchant account and associated integration with one of our payment gateways. Paywire and DB|Wired can provide a turnkey solution for Internet payment processing. In addition, DB|Wired has developed and hosted many custom applications including:

  • An on-line shopping mall
  • A national car parts distributor
  • A national distributor of health club supplies
  • A sports handicapping service

> Cloud Computing

There is a shift currently occurring away from client-server computing towards accessing externally hosted programs via a web browser. The bulk of the IT infrastructure is moved offsite into the “cloud” – which is just another word for the Internet. The idea is that by moving applications off-site, the cost and complexity of maintaining and supporting systems is greatly reduced. When applications are moved off site, so too are the payment processing components, which creates a whole new set of security and availability challenges. Paywire and DBWired have the tools and experience to meet these challenges.

> Vertical Market Software

Paywire has integrated its processing systems and technologies into many vertical market software applications. As a result Paywire is well suited in finding a payment solution for many specialized needs. Vertical markets Paywire services through its developer partnerships include:

  • Alarm Companies
  • Amusement Parks
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Laundry Services
  • Schools
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Charities
  • Photography Studios
  • Boat Dealers
  • Fuel Oil Distributors
  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • And many more …

> Wireless Processing

Paywire has several solutions for wireless processing. The simplest method is to install PayCharge 4.2 on a notebook pc with a wireless adapter. This gives the merchant the ability to process credit card, debit card, gifts, EBT, and ACH transactions remotely. Alternatively, merchants can process credit cards via a mobile phone or wireless credit card terminal. Devices supported include:

  • iPhone
  • Verifone VX610
  • Hypercom T-M4230
  • Android (in development)

> Recurring Billing Technology

Paywire has the technology to help merchants bill their customers on a recurring or regular basis. Services include:

  • Updating credit card expiration dates
  • Turnkey billing services including customer service and data entry
  • Online Internet based data access from a browser anywhere in the world
  • Customer retention
  • Collections
  • Multiple methods of payment including credit card and ACH