Payscout's Proprietary Payment Platform

Enhance your company's payment processing system with the Paywire advantage!

Paywire is Payscout’s proprietary technology platform that was built to handle simple and complex payment needs, with easy integration for both software and web applications.

Paywire is a turnkey and flexible solution with multiple interfaces that
can accommodate a multitude of payment processing, monitoring, and reporting needs.

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Paywire Services and Technologies

> Credit Card Processing
Today, consumers use credit cards for 25% of their spending and for larger sale amounts than checks.

> ACH Processing
Paywire’s EFT processing service enables your client to instruct their bank to make payments directly to your business account with no credit card involved.

> Check Conversion
Paywire offers electronic check processing to protect your profits when you accept a check.

> Internet Gateway Services
Paywire utilizes and interfaces with several Internet payment gateway services.

> Payment Systems Development
Paywire has extensive experience developing custom payment systems.

> Joint Ventures
Paywire can be your solutions provider, partner, joint-venturer, or referral partner.

> Recurring Billing Technology
Paywire has the technology to help merchants bill their customers on a recurring or regular basis.

> PA-DSS Compliance
The PA-DSS compliance deadline was July 1, 2010, as imposed by VISA.

> Tokenization
The risks associated with storing credit card data are unacceptable for most merchants.

> PayCharge 4.2
Paywire’s PayCharge software is a PA-DSS certified Windows application for processing credit cards, gift cards, EBT, online debit cards, and ACH.

> E-Commerce Hosting
Paywire’s DB|Wired division offers web hosting services including E-Commerce hosting and support.

> Cloud Computing
There is a shift currently occurring away from client-server computing towards accessing externally hosted programs via a web browser.

> Vertical Market Software
Paywire has integrated its processing systems and technologies into many vertical market software applications.

> Wireless Processing
Paywire has several solutions for wireless processing.