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As an Independent software vendor (ISV) or software provider, your company must consistently seek ways to differentiate your products and services from the competition. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is going to be the aspect that will, in the end, seal the sales deal for you and your company. When you provide your software customers with access to the top partners and integration in the industry that make your platform even easier to use and manage, you open your door to a plethora of increased sales opportunities. Of these opportunities, incorporating a payment strategy is the most lucrative.  

One of the most effective and efficient methods to showcase your USP is by discussing your software’s integrations, capabilities, and opportunities with your prospects. After all, the more features that ease their headaches and make them more money, the better you look to their decision-makers regarding purchasing your software. With Payscout as a payment processing partner, you as an ISV can offer your customers an added value that not only allows them to save money, but make more money, because of the various options now open to you for billing and payment methods; with Payscout’s integration, your customer’s customers have a pathway paved for them to accept payments faster, easier and more efficiently.  

A partnership with a payment processing company that is integrated with your software shows your customers that you want to help them to make more money, and in the end, that is all everyone wants; to make more money. Our fully compliant, cutting-edge, comprehensive payment processing platform will allow your customers to accept payments via credit/debit card, ACH/eCheck, gift card, and global eCommerce solutions while making your software stand out above the rest because of this integration capability.  

This means that whether your customer is selling online, in-app or in-person, they can use Payscout’s API to process their transactions without worrying about the hassle and headache of a separate payment gateway. Whether their customers need to do a one-time transaction or set up recurring billing, the ability to use Payscout as integration within your software provides your customers with a streamlined, cohesive, and easy-to-use solution that will leave a lasting impression. 

Your partnership with us as an ISV isn’t only about providing Payscout payment processing to your customers and opening doors to additional partnerships your platform could benefit from. Be it inventory management, schedule booking, a CRM integration, or other features, as a Payscout ISV, our portfolio of partners and their integrations are now open to you too. When you partner with us, we allow you access to an entire suite of products that allow your business and your software platform to stay competitive in its respective industries and increase profits. 

Are you an ISV looking to connect with one of the world’s most compliant, user-friendly, cost-effective, modern, and top payment processing companies in the market? If so, Payscout may be the company you have been waiting for to come knock on your door.

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Let’s get your payment processing on the right track.

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