The Secret to Success is Exceptional Customer Service

One of Payscout’s core Cultural Attributes is Customer Happiness. This simple, yet essential, principle is a key driving force behind the company’s success in one of its specialty verticals: Accounts Receivable Management (ARM). A recent report from Forrester showed 72% of businesses consider “improving customer experience” their number one goal. One way to achieve that goal is for the leadership team to explicitly state – and continually reinforce – the importance of Customer Happiness. Payscout has developed an exceptional reputation for customer service in all merchant verticals, including tougher-to-board-and-support industries such as Collections, Money Services Businesses, Marketplaces, and others.Ensuring success in the ARM industry Accounts Receivable and corporate collecting is one of the most crucial processes for any business owner. Cash inflow issues can affect every aspect of the business, which is why many entrepreneurs partner with dedicated, professional account collection firms to ensure the accounts receivable process runs and is managed smoothly. These professional collections (ARM) firms – which play a critical role in ensuring a company is as successful as they can be – that Payscout supports in an exceptional way. Payscout serves many of the top ARM and debt collection agencies and accounts receivable management agencies in the United States. Our recorded retention rate was 98.63% at the end of 2015 – a sure sign that the Customer Happiness attribute is yielding an incredible customer experience. Supporting the entrepreneurial dream! One of the ways Payscout provides exceptional customer service is by always thinking about the end user – in this case, the small-to-medium-sized business owner who hired a professional collections firm to help them keep their inbound cash flow consistent with the outbound products and services they provide. These business owners rely on the ARM service provider’s expertise and experience to ensure the accounts receivable process runs properly with up-to-date software, security and verification tools to help clients remain compliant with government regulations. Payscout is ranked among the top tier of servicers for the receivables management vertical because those are precisely the solutions they provide: security, built-in PCI compliance, real-time automatic settlement, and no duplicate accounting or manual entry. According to a recent report from Forbes on the Ten Customer Service And Customer Experience Trends For 2017, companies can lose as much as $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. That’s a powerful example of the value of ensuring Customer Happiness – and for Payscout, that means beginning with the end-user in mind and committing to providing the exact tools the customer needs to succeed.

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